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PERT five-layer oxygen barrier production line

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PERT five-layer oxygen barrier line

Performance parameters

*Scope of application: Suitable for high-speed production of pipes below PERT 32mm

*Pipe size: 16*2.0mm

*Stable line speed: 60m/min

*Total output: 320kg/h

*Ton energy consumption: 240Kwh/t


Product introduction:

Five-layer oxygen barrier technology is adopted

1. Pipe construction

Pipe from the outside to the inside are used "PERT - adhesive layer - EVOH oxygen barrier layer - adhesive layer - PERT", mostly used in floor heating system, high temperature can block oxygen infiltration into the pipeline system, thereby preventing the metal part of the heating system corrosion and rust, while relying on oxygen to survive bacteria can not breed, protect the pipe at the same time, greatly increase the life of the heating system.


2. Pipe layering ratio

Our five-layer oxygen barrier tube sample


Five-layer oxygen barrier tube under the microscope

Inner PERT, 85%-90%

EVOH layer, thickness 0.05-0.1mm

Viscose layer, thickness 0.03-0.05mm

Outer PERT, 10%-15%


Unique design for heat-sensitive materials

According to the characteristics of the material and the needs of customers, a large number of optimizations have been made on the basis of the high-speed PERT production line that has been widely recognized in the market.

1. The design of the five-layer oxygen barrier tube mold is unique

*The main road adopts a spiral distribution structure, with fast color change without dead zone. The decomposition of the material is effectively avoided, which in turn provides a reliable product quality guarantee.

*The co-extrusion ring adopts a planar spiral structure with pre-dispensing, which has the characteristics of short process, uniform distribution and no dead zone. The measured EVOH distribution is 60 ~ 80μ, which greatly saves the use of precious materials while ensuring a good barrier effect.

*Flexible modular design, three layers, five layers can be freely converted.


Mechanized structural improvements

1. Multi-layer co-extrusion integrated design

The multi-layer extrusion system controls the operation of the entire line on the same operating interface, which greatly saves space.


2. The water tank is cooled by a round-trip wheel immersion structure

*The latest design - PERT special high-speed cooling water tank, the use of round-trip wheel immersion structure, enhances the cooling effect, but saves resources and space, improves productivity.





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