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About Our Company
GUANFDONG BAST EXTRUTECH Co., LTD. was established in 2008, and committed to the R&D and innovation of high-end plastic machinery and equipment. The company is oriented to customers in all regions of the world, and its business scope covers three segments: Pipe Extrusion Equipment, Laminating & Casting Equipment, Heavy Bags / Cold Stretching / Heat Shrinking Film Blowing Equipment. It is an equipment supplier integrating technology R&D, production and assembly, sales and service.

The equipment made by BAST company has always been known for its stability, superior performance, high efficiency and energy saving, and has achieved digital, diversified and international upgrading and development in the field of plastic equipment. With a strong business team and technical team, the company leads the energy-saving and high-quality development through continuous innovation and practice, What’s more, BAST company has been authorized 32 patents through independent research and development, The energy consumption, efficiency and stability of equipment are among the best, and the performance of equipment applying relevant patented technology has reached the leading level in the industry.

Precise design, rigorous standardized manufacturing process, timely guarantee for spare parts, and customer-oriented after-sales service, all of those created BAST equipment with. excellent performance, high quality and considerate service. In the future, BAST will help more enterprises accelerate scientific and technological innovation and upgrading and transformation, and achieve the coordinated development of the industry!

Our Advantages

World-oriented, we have a powerful lineupand technical team


TECHNOLOGIZATIONUp to 65 patents, including 10 invention patents​​​​​​​


DigitizationEfficient production with automation equipment, and
precise control of digital


DIVERSIFICATION:  Dedicated to the R & D and innovation of multiple
high-end plastic mechanical equipment


INTERNATIONALIZATION: Sold globally and recognized by a wide range of
users and experts

Our History
  • 2008
    The predecessor of Bihui Trade Firm
    2+ employees
    20m² workshop
  • 2009
    Company establishment
    1st moved to 70m² new factory
    5+ employees
  • 2010
    2nd moved to 500m² new factory
    12+ employees
    RMB 750,000 per capita GDP
    Obtained 1 invention patent
  • 2011
    3rd moved to 1600m² new factory
    25+ employees
    Became member of CPPA
    ISO 9001 Certified

    3 products obtained invention patent
    Launched ERP system
  • 2012
    4th moved to 4600m² new factory
    34+ employees
    Researched and developed of 15 high-tech products
    Obtained 2 Utility Model Patent Certificates
  • 2016
    50+ employees
    15+ R&D technicians
    RMB 1,050,000 per capita GDP
  • 2017
    Completed the share reform to became LLC
    Awarded as national high-tech enterprise
    Successfully listed on the financial market

    RMB 1,200,000 per capita GDP
  • 2018
    Output value exceeded 100 million
    Obtained 2 invention patents
    80+employees, 30+ R&D technicians
    RMB1,250,000 per capita GDP
  • 2019
    Moved to 12000m² new factory
    90+employees, 35+ R&D technicians
    Constant innovation, leading extrusion
  • 2020
    High-tech enterprise review passed
    SRDI & Intellectual Property Standard Compliance model enterprise
    Sales output value has grown into 105 million
  • 2021
    Establishment of precision extrusion dept.
    Establishment of blown film extrusion dept.
  • 2022
    Establishment of Coating & casting film extrusion dept.
    Awarded as Guangdong province innovative SMEs
    Oversea sales performance breaks historical high
  • 2023
    110+employees, 40+ R&D technicians
    Awarded as Guangdong province SRDI SMEs
    Holding of Equipment Demonstration

GUANGDONG BAST EXTRUTECH CO., LTD was established in 2008. We're committed to manufacturing the most suitable and high-tech plastic extrusion equipment to meet the needs of domestic and international markets.

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