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2.5m five-layer POD blown film production line construction video

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01 Production line introduction

Compared with similar equipment, the 2.5-meter five-layer POD blown film production line has the advantages of high output, good plasticization of products, low energy consumption, etc., which effectively solves the shortcomings of existing technology, successfully realizes the use of more raw materials, and can mix and configure a variety of raw materials. Under this premise, it can not only meet the production requirements of enterprises for diversified products, but also realize the actual demand for reducing the input of valuable raw materials and reducing the cost per unit area of membranes.

In addition, the multi-layer structure adds more possibilities for capacity improvement, and the high output of equipment shows more obvious excellence, which greatly increases the space for enterprises to improve efficiency and reduce costs.


02 Production line construction

2.5 meters five-layer POD blown film production line is our company with years of technical precipitation and with the help of new areas of products to be transported into an intelligent production line equipment, its construction and installation of precision and professionalism have high requirements, the need for repeated debugging operations.


The construction steps of the 2.5-meter five-layer POD blown film production line are as follows:

1, each single machine assembly: main machine, mold, wind ring, bubble stabilizing frame, horizontal rotation traction, lazy rolling frame, guiding, secondary traction, winding machine, heat exchange system, main control cabinet, etc.;

2, each platform construction: the second floor center platform, the second floor electrical cabinet platform, the second floor correction corona platform, the third floor platform, the fourth floor platform

Build from top to bottom:

(1) Install the platform and machine on the fourth floor

(2) Raise the fourth floor, install the third floor platform and machine

(3) Raise the third floor and install the platform and machine on the second floor

(4) Lift the second floor, install the first floor host, mold, secondary traction, winding machine, etc. in place.

3, the whole line assembly and water and electricity road installation;

4, the whole line of machine debugging and start-up commissioning.


The following is a video of the construction of the 2.5-meter five-layer POD blown film production line, so please watch.

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