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HDPE 1200 pipe extrusion line will be delivered soon

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GUANGDONG BAST EXTRUTECH CO., LTD was established in 2008. Our company integrates technology R&D, production assembly, sales and service. Our core team has served the well-known international companies in the industry. Our equipment has been positioned at high-end, digested and absorbed foreign advanced technology, with the goal to manufacture the most suitable plastic extrusion equipment to meet the market demand.



Our company provides the following products and services:

HDPE pipe extrusion line, pipe size 4-1600mm;

PPR/PERT/PB pipe high-speed extrusion line with max speed 100m/min;

Multi-layer pipe extrusion line;

PVC profile and pipe extrusion line;

Providing spare parts, after-sales service, technical support & upgrade for imported brand extrusion machinery.




* Pipe specifications: HDPE 630-1200mm

* Total output: 1250kg/h

* Energy consumption per ton of output: 320kwh

* Length of production line: 78m

* Total installed power: 580kw



  • The HDPE 1200 extrusion line can produce 1200 SDR9 series ultra-thick pipes

  • The motor speed of extruder and haul-off are measured and speed feedback by the encoder, which ensures the stability of screw speed and traction speed.

  • The optimized design of screw and barrel for extruder, it can guarantee a good plasticizing effect of the screw at high speed, to achieve higher output and lower energy consumption.

  • Die head using Inner Pipe Cooling System, can improve the cooling effect, reduce the length of spray cooling tank and save production costs.

  • The extrusion line can realize various controls on downstream equipment by the extruder.

  • The extrusion line uses several internationally renowned brand components

GUANGDONG BAST EXTRUTECH CO., LTD was established in 2008. We're committed to manufacturing the most suitable and high-tech plastic extrusion equipment to meet the needs of domestic and international markets.

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