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What is PPR

PPR(Polyprlene-Random)pipe, Also known as tripropyl polypropyl thin tube, Random copolymer polypropion is a new type of plastic pipe product developed and applied in Europe in the early 1990s. Because it uses random copolymerization technology, the strength of polypropylene, high temperature resistance is well guaranteed, with stable performance, corrosion resistance, simple construction and maintenance, long service life and other advantages, thus becoming the main force of water pipe materials.

At the moment of the epidemic, the price of raw materials has risen and the increase in operating costs are topics that all enterprises cannot avoid, and the plastic pipe industry has also been seriously impacted; Factors such as the reduction in the number of orders, the suspension of production due to the epidemic, the upgrading of logistics prevention and control by the state, and the sluggishness of the international market have also made the international plastic pipe industry a severe test.

Choosing energy-efficient equipment can effectively reduce production costs, improve production capacity and production efficiency. Greening and sustainable development is the direction of improving the quality of plastic pipe products, accelerating technological innovation and upgrading transformation, which has become an inevitable move for pipeline manufacturing enterprises to seize the commanding heights of the future and market competition.


Why choose us

Pipe extrusion production line is the main product of GUANGDONG BAST EXTRUTECH CO., LTD, of which PPR pipe extrusion production line is one of the trump products. The industry's famous Liansu Group, Xiongsu Group, Rifeng Group, Gongyuan Group, Jinniu Pipe Industry and other enterprises have purchased GUANGDONG BAST EXTRUTECH CO., LTD,s PPR equipment. Up to now, the PPR high-speed double-tube double-layer production line alone has sold more than 160 pieces, far exceeding other domestic equipment manufacturers.

Good equipment is a focus, a quality, but also an attitude.It is precisely because of GUANGDONG BAST EXTRUTECH CO., LTD’s   persistent exploration in technology research and development and product innovation that it can be supported and recognized by the majority of customers.PPR pipe extrusion line can stand out in the same type in China, which is mainly due to our innovative breakthroughs in various aspects of technology.



1. New design of extruder

GUANGDONG BAST EXTRUTECH CO., LTD single screw extruder uses a screw feeding barrel combined with a split screw design to achieve high plasticization rate and good melt uniformity.

2. The core components are stable

Siemens AC inverter motor, ABB inverter controller and imported brand gearbox and other high-equipped core components, in the long-term high extrusion volume operation can also ensure stable work.

3.  Easy to operate and maintain

The Siemens discrete element control system is intuitive and easy to operate and maintain.

4. The electronic components are durable

Electrical components using imported brands, a full range of extruders equipped with electric cabinet water-cooled air conditioning, to maintain a constant temperature and humidity environment, to ensure the stability of electronic components and to obtain a long er service life.

5. The communication system is accurate

The communication between the operating system and each device adopts digital signals, which has strong anti-interference ability and ensures the accuracy of control and feedback.

6. Temperature-controlled optimized design

PID temperature control, individually optimized for the temperature control zone of the extruder and mold.


Energy consumption:

1. The finished product is stable

GUANGDONG BAST EXTRUTECH CO., LTD PPR production line is high-speed and stable, can effectively save 1.5% of raw materials, wall thickness stability is strong, and product size fluctuations are controlled within half of the world.

2. Efficiency and energy saving

PPR production line vacuum box integrated design, the box body heat circulation system in the box to reduce the material cold brittleness at the same time can also reduce energy consumption, effectively save water;The use of the latest vacuum pump frequency conversion control technology makes the energy consumption of the PPR production line reduce again on the original basis, which can save nearly 50 yuan in electricity costs per day.

3. Reduce costs

Significantly reducing the site area and labor can reduce investment costs while effectively improving work efficiency, providing customers with more space and more workshop layout possibilities.

GUANGDONG BAST EXTRUTECH CO., LTD was established in 2008. We're committed to manufacturing the most suitable and high-tech plastic extrusion equipment to meet the needs of domestic and international markets.

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